The Central Committee of the Kazakhstan workers’ union «Zhanartu»

October 12th Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (FPRK) was adopted in the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), which was a confirmation of the unprincipled position of this world trade union center. Two years ago, at a meeting of the ITUC, it was rejected FPRK application, on the grounds that it is undemocratic union of Kazakhstan, does not correspond to the principles of independent trade union movement.

This fact is actively promoted in the press by representatives of the Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR), who claimed that they become active initiators refusal to accept FPRK in ITUC. One of the reasons cited is the fact that the leadership FPRK actually supported the repression of striking oil workers of Zhanaozen during the shooting of the participants of a peaceful rally on Dec. 16, 2011.

The courses of the International Training Centre (ITC) with the participation of independent and democratic trade unions in Turin, when the head of an artificially created by the Government of Kazakhstan branch trade union oil Sultan Kaliyev simply kicked out of the room, on the grounds that he is a former manager of the company «KazMunaiGaz», the difference in layoffs , harassment and arrests of oil workers.

However, during a meeting of the ITUC General Council on 10-12 October in Sao Paulo (Brazil), related to FPRK unexpectedly changed 180 degrees! This happened after the discussion on the expansion of membership of the ITUC in the region of the former USSR. At this time, the General Council has not confused bureaucratic, undemocratic nature of the pro-government FPRK which led in 2014 the former official, the head of the Karaganda region Abelgazi Kusainov, who had previously no relation to the trade unions and proposed as head of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Now all A.Kusainov’s  deputies and directors of departments of FPRK to fill these positions for a single day did not work in the trade unions. They are former senior officials, managers, entrepreneurs, bankers.

This is despite the fact that a  brotherly for KTR Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Kazakhstan (KSPK), is closely associated with the ITUC, has not passed the state re-registration, according to the Parliament of Kazakhstan adopted a discriminatory law «On Trade Unions», violates a number of conventions of the International Labour Organisation. The law was supported by the leadership FPRK, as it introduces a monopoly of the association in the country and building a rigid unaccountable to ordinary members of the hierarchy.

The decision on the admission FPRK a member of the ITUC also contrary to previous statements of the Secretary-General of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Sharan Burrow of 17 February 2014 addressed to the chairman of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Nurlan Nigmatulin, where she criticized the law «On Trade Unions», and supported operating country’s independent trade unions. Now, according to this law, the courts in Kazakhstan will be eliminated over 600 trade union organizations.

This decision looks awesome against the background of the fact that FPRK denying its own members and heads of primary organizations in support during the state repression, as happened in 2011 during the arrest and conviction of six years for “inciting social discord”the trade Union lawyer of «KarazharbasMunayGaz» Natalia Sokolova , a member of the union «OzenMunayGaz» Akzhanat Aminov and another 37 union activists.

This story is repeated now as against the chairman of the trade union in the company «Oil Construction Company» Amin Eleusinov was re-opened a fabricated criminal case, due to the fact that he initiated the collection of signatures against the adoption of anti-labor oil Labour Code. He was forced to seek support from journalists and activists of independent trade unions, as FPRK denied him in this.

Only one trade union center to support the struggle of the Western Kazakhstan  oilers was the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), issued a statement of solidarity. The WFTU also made a special statement on the draft Labour Code, which Senate currentlymake a secret and refuse to give it to union representatives. Interestingly, the draft Labour Code as a result was supported by the leadership FPRK.

This is, unfortunately, the reality of politics and the attitude of the International Trade Union Confederation to the associations closely connected with the government, non-democratic in nature, supporting the repression of the trade union activists promoting the adoption of anti-labor laws and suppress freedom of trade union activity. FPRK, which was accepted into the ranks of the ITUC, a clear and vivid example and evidence of unscrupulousness and complete divergence in practice with the declarations of the international trade union center.

Thus, ITUC helps Nazarbayev regime and large multinational mining corporations in the enslavement of the working people, the destruction of workers’ organizations in carrying out reprisals against trade unionists. We are now personally convinced that the ITUC serves to strengthen imperialism and the capitalist system in the world!